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We have just finished packing our 200th box of books to get ready for the move to the new school and library! A big "Thank You" goes out to student library aides Allisson Landrum, Luis Pineda, and Jay Newton and retired AJB librarian Sharon Villalpando. The old library is starting to look a little empty.

Every library must weed their book collection, and it is never a simple task. How do we decide what to weed? What do we do with our weeded books? Read on for the answers!
WeedingPolicyCropped2.jpgWeeded Books copy.jpgWeededArt1.JPGWeededBooksCreative.jpg

There will be many changes in store for the SHS Library as we prepare for the move to our new school. Stop by to see the MakerBot 3D Printer in action!3DZilla2.jpgCloseEncounters2.png3DChess2.jpg
The"Godzilla" card holder and chess pieces were made by students on the Library's 3D Printer.